VK0EK Wins DXpedition of the Year Award!

•May 20, 2017 • 4 Comments

Photo by Dr. Scott Wright, K0MD … 

What an amazing evening. I personally was already “sated” with the wonderful QST and DX Magazine special edition and cover of the DXCC Yearbook, but this is the ultimate icing on the cake.

Warped Wing Brewing Company – Dayton

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Warped Wing Brewing is on Wyandotte in Dayton. It’s a very hip place with a very friendly clientele. You can tell that people love this place.

The bicycle rack in front of Warped Wing. It’s fashioned after their wonderful beer can designs.

The beer is very good – great selection, and their can designs are superb. This being the home of the Wright Brothers, the designs feature a different kind of colorful “steampunk” flying machine.

Boy, this is exactly the kind of place Kat and I love to go to. In fact, now I know exactly why we love Oakland and Oregon hip spots – they are hip without pretention, and to put in in the Oakland vernacular, “Hella Friendly”. When I lived “back East” we would just say “Down to Earth”.

My first impression of Dayton is very positive. The campus next to the Marriott where I am staying looks very much like University of Pennsylvania Lock Haven, where I graduated from, and which is probably 5 hours drive from here.

My Uber driver knew all about CNC machining and manufacturing, and growing up, my father worked for Thiokol and travelled to Cincinnati and Chicago to visit CNC machining companies. The driver even knew the huge Chicago trade show my father went to every year, and also the MRP software I worked with at GE – Maximo and MES.

I have been here one hour so far. What a great place!

Almost to O’Hare¬†

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What a great flight. I had TSA Pre check but there was no line at SFO. Off BART, on the plane, and following Tweets from Hamvention.

Within an hour I’ll be on the second and last leg to Dayton. The captain originally planned to fly over Denver but dipped just below that front that you see north of our flight path.

I’ve heard several VK0EK Team members will be there about the same time tonight.

On My Way to Dayton 

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BART from Orinda to SFO is fantastic. I take BART into San Francisco every work day, so it’s so nice to not have to drive to either SFO or OAK. I love BART.

Sun up in San Francisco…….

Jeff, KE9V – Live Tweeting from Dayton Hamvention

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Jeff, KE9V is the fellow who I followed during Hamvention 2015, and he then hooked VK0EK up with Tom, W5KUB, and the rest is history.

Jeff is a great person to follow on Twitter (as well as his newsletter).

MFJ-1886 Receiving Loop

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MFJ has a receiving loop that they introduced at Dayton last year. It seems to be similar to the PixelPro and Wellbrook Loops – at least in size and general operational characteristics. It has a great price. The link to the above video is an MFJ “advertisement”, and is well done. Here is a link to a review of that loop – where (the same announcer – George from AmateurLogicTV) does a really nice test of the antenna using local AM broadcast stations during the day.


Look at episode 104 – its well worth it – and is towards the end of the show.

I’m going to guess that the preamp circuits between the Wellbrook, PixelPro and MFJ are all different, but couldn’t hazard a guess as to whether the difference would matter much or not. There are quite a few reviews online that compare the Pixelpro and Wellbrook, and I ended up choosing the Wellbrook. I have read about the Wellbrook loop for years among SWL’ers, and even hams. The WRTH has ranted and raved about it for years:

I’m a huge Wellbrook fan and will stick with my ALA1530LNP.


Getting Excited About Hamvention

•May 16, 2017 • 2 Comments

MFJ has a new loop antenna fashioned after the PixelPro and Wellbrook, and there are new Rig Expert antenna analyzers to look at. Finally, I’m a sucker for N3ZN keys.

It’s a great place to meet people who might not go to Visalia (which I had gone to for at least 10 years).

This year I’m going “back east”, where I lived the first third of my life.

After two thirds in California and all of my travel time exploring Western states, I wonder how it will feel going back to my past stomping grounds.