MFJ-1886 Receiving Loop

MFJ has a receiving loop that they introduced at Dayton last year. It seems to be similar to the PixelPro and Wellbrook Loops – at least in size and general operational characteristics. It has a great price. The link to the above video is an MFJ “advertisement”, and is well done. Here is a link to a review of that loop – where (the same announcer – George from AmateurLogicTV) does a really nice test of the antenna using local AM broadcast stations during the day.

Look at episode 104 – its well worth it – and is towards the end of the show.

I’m going to guess that the preamp circuits between the Wellbrook, PixelPro and MFJ are all different, but couldn’t hazard a guess as to whether the difference would matter much or not. There are quite a few reviews online that compare the Pixelpro and Wellbrook, and I ended up choosing the Wellbrook. I have read about the Wellbrook loop for years among SWL’ers, and even hams. The WRTH has ranted and raved about it for years:

I’m a huge Wellbrook fan and will stick with my ALA1530LNP.


~ by ky6r on May 17, 2017.

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