The Summer of BCB MW and LW DXing Love

Pretty soon I will be working on trying to hear AM broadcast stations across the Pacific and in Asia. The combination of the Palstar R30A, Palstar MW550P and the Wellbrook ALA1530LNP should make it so. And I will also be able to listen to the new ham band and other interesting things below the AM Broadcast Band! Ham only rigs are desensitized below 160M, so I wanted something like the old Lowe HF-150, and having owned a Palstar R30CC before, I decided to revisit their fine receiver. Rumor has it – its similar to the old fantastic Lowe receivers circuit wise. I remember the audio being especially good on the R30CC, and the analog meter is very nice as well. I have liked all of my Palstar, Elecraft, Array Solutions and DX Engineering gear. This is one market where “Buy American” makes a lot of sense (because the quality is very good) – but I digress . . .

I’ve always been much more of an SWL than a ham who transmits much. My log since 1973 only has 4622 QSO’s in it!

But my radio is on every day and I listen to others having QSO’s, and now – after watching several videos made by West Coasters listening to Japanese AM radio stations using the same setup that I have – I am ready to switch gears even more towards being an SWL.

Last summer was the “Summer of Low(e) band Receive Antenna Love” and so this year will continue my low band obsession.

This how I will ward off the “DX Doldrums”, and I think we are a lot closer to the bottom of the cycle than we think. That “knee” that predicts seems a bit optimistic. I think 3Y0Z will just barely squeeze out the last juice in this cycle.

So – the lower you can go, the happier you will be as a DXer. I am sure of this, and very much welcome the bottom of the cycle – this is going to be big fun.

~ by ky6r on April 21, 2017.

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