Reflections on Visalia

I won’t be going to Visalia this year – last year was a banner year for me at Visalia and I simply couldn’t get excited about it this year. Here is my keynote from last year – where Bob, KK6EK called in via sat phone during the presentation:

I have to admit, by the time Visalia 2016 happened I was very tired and burned out about DXpeditions – it was a solid 3 years of work as Co-organizer of VK0EK. What was most fun was hanging with my Diablo DXer buddies and drinking beer.

My neighbor and world class DXer and DXpeditioner / Contester, Oliver, W6NV said he remembered fondly when Visalia was held in Fresno and it was more like a bunch of guys drinking and talking DX – that is wasn’t as formal as it it now. I guess the Diablo DXers shared that spirit last year as we went on a pub crawl as soon as my keynote was over, and man, it was a blast.

This year I’ll take a break – who knows maybe next year.


~ by ky6r on April 21, 2017.

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