Antenna Work This Weekend

Photo by Wellbrook / Andy Ikin

I might get surprised and this will arrive by Saturday, but if not, I will get ready for it and set up this:

This way I can do a test between the rooftop KY6R Optimized EWE, the 40M phased array and the “plain jane” magnetic loop. The data will be then useful to know just where the Wellbrook loop fits into the scheme of things. This location is at least 20′ away from any house or powerline – which is about how far away my DXE DV-40-P 40M phased array is from any man made thing. Yes – on a small triangular shaped lot – that’s as good as it gets, and I am now sure that this is the most important aspect of a 160M RX antenna – being in clear space.

I have all the wire, the rotator and even the loop antenna. I am counting on the Wellbrook to beat these antennas, and this Wellbrook will be dedicated to my RX port as a second RX antenna. I will be very surprised if it beats the 40M phased array, but if its even close – then I will accomplish my goal – which is a noise free diversity RX setup on Top Band.

I’ll probably feed it from a side instead of the top – not sure.

~ by ky6r on April 20, 2017.

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