“Big Bottoms” and VK0IR, VK0EK and 3Y0Z

Its very interesting to see the solar conditions between these three DXpeditions, because they are very similar. VK0IR happened in 1997 and it was pretty much the bottom of Cycle 22. HOWEVER, that bottom was not nearly as bad as the bottom of Cycle 23. In fact, the average bottom of that cycle did not actually hit or stay at Zero as Cycle 23 did. I guess you could say Cycle 23 had a “Big Bottom”:


That “knee” showing Cycle 24 to level off this year still intrigues me. This shows up on the Spaceweather prediction web site, but not the NOAA site. The NOAA site would have you believe that we will be at the bottom in one year from now, the Spaceweather site maybe 2019.


3Y0Z reports that they are still short – so consider donating to their cause.

~ by ky6r on April 19, 2017.

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