Sleep Patterns and Top Band

Back when I was chasing DXCC Honor Roll, and even a little bit when I first started chasing 160M DXCC, I would have so much “nervous energy” that I would adjust my sleep schedule around the DX. I don’t think I ever actually set an alarm to wake me up – but would either go to bed really late – but more likely – would wake up at 3 AM after maybe 6 hours sleep at most.

For whatever reason, I’ve been getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep and have enjoyed how great I feel each day. This means I missed the T88 that was on this morning. I’m not even bummed because maybe in the next day or two I’ll be up at the time they come on the air, but I literally won’t lose any sleep over it – even though my biggest “burn” DX wise these days is 160M DXCC, and I’m only 14 away.

I guess I really am in a new era – where I value sleep over DX!

~ by ky6r on April 18, 2017.

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