R1ANC – Vostok Base: Incredibly Easy on 30M

R1ANC was pounding into the West Coast and I worked him with the Bobtail easily and with one call.

I no doubt skirted the Australis Borealis, and the worst part of the oval seemed to be on the other side of the world – where it was in sunlight.

I’m very interested in ANY polar QSO’s because of 3Y0Z. Luckily, the SE or SW path toward the South Pole is much stronger than the EU – ME – AF polar path. 30M will be a real workhorse. I also am hearing a YO station – but that path is much more difficult.

I just worked OF3OJ (north of Helsinki):

Another easy QSO – and I am convinced that 40M really feels like 20M used to – and that 20M is dead at night. These QSO’s were on 30M, so that’s a great omen – 40 and 30M should be real work horse bands for 3Y0Z.

I really do believe that we are really getting close to the bottom of Cycle 25.



~ by ky6r on April 17, 2017.

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